Energy and utility consist a major expenditure factor for our clients (at least 30% of current expenses of the office environment). Ramot has developed the expertise and knowledge, to drive energy efficiency with the systems and control mechanisms which are installed in the client site, thus optimizing the energy usage in the site and bringing substantial savings to the bottom line, based on the existing infrastructure, and prior to any investment.

In addition, Ramot initiates and drives energy investment\saving projects from the analysis and design phase through execution and fruition.

  • Energy Management: Planning and execution of a comprehensive monitoring and control system for energy usage

  • Utilities Control: Continuance usage of BMS systems to monitor and adjust utilities usage in the building

  • Certifications: Ramot employs certified professional and energy supervisors to conduct all required operations by the law

  • Efficiency: combining the above topics with continuance monitoring yields a clear path for energy savings and efficiency optimization of energy and utility usage