As part of the integrated added-value we bring to our clients, we facilitate and manage the delivery of hospitality services to the site. We work together with our clients to identify their needs, define the services  and clarify the policies. Then we execute, manage the service and inventory, report and monitor, and own the procurement cycle facing all the relevant suppliers.

These services are performed, as any Ramot service, with strict supervision of our internal controls – from EHS, procurement and all other compliance perspectives.

These include:

  • Cafeteria management – products and Services:
    • kitchenettes stocking and operation
    • Vending machines management
    • Beverage programs
  • Caterer Management:
    • Full scale cooking kitchens management and catering management (operating third party caterers)
    • Food hygiene compliance control on kitchens
    • Food programs management including food vouchers operations
  • Events & Meetings logistics:
    • Refreshments for meetings and seminars
    • Events logistics and organizing
    • Training logistics