Ramot has its own internal Workplace Services division, with self-delivery capabilities in the critical performance areas in selected countries. This division controls and monitors the performance and services, whether self-delivered or subcontracted, to ensure all SLAs and compliance requirements are met, so our clients will receive the best local solution for their needs.

Healthy Workplace begins with a clean and pleasant environment and it is a major factor of the end-user experience. It is also a critical compliance element and a potential risk factor. Therefore, implementing the Ramot control and management tool ensures optimization of the work environment in terms of cleanliness, sanitation, services and control.

  • Cleaning Services:
    • Daily Janitorial service
    • Periodical cleaning
    • Specialized cleaning services – for critical environments, unique surfaces and challenges
    • Bright & Shine programs
  • Sanitation:
    • Sanitary deliverables an equipment
    • Sanitation programs, including Healthy Workplace tests
    • Food sanitation management
    • PC / phone / keyboard sanitation
  • Porter Services:  Ramot supply porter services to office buildings entrances
  • Pest Control: Ramot uses certified suppliers for all kind of pest control which are in full compliance with all environmental protection laws
  • Plants Maintenance: (Internal and External) – Ramot employs top of the line professional gardeners with specific specialties in maintenance of external and internal plants
  • Building Fabric Control: Antistatic, carpet, upholstery, Ceiling tiles etc..
  • Waste Management:
    • Waste removal programs
    • Special waste programs – wet, chemical, eWas


The Ramot healthy workplace optimization method: