Statutory Compliance

​We manage our clients’ compliance, fulfilling all the statutory and regulatory requirements set by the authorities and directives. Our presence across Europe and Israel, allowed us to build a strong knowledge base with deep understanding of both the local and the European statutory requirements. In addition, we have partnered with leading European compliance experts, through whom we stay up to date in fields such as:

  • Statutory Fire and building licenses

  • Certifications for operational streams

  • Supply Chain certification


Corporate Compliance

In the corporate landscape, clients’ differ in the level of compliance they require from their local operations. Cultural and local differences add a challenge in assimilating those requirements into the daily delivery. We have targeted this challenge as one of our main focuses, and have manage to achieve excellent results in assimilating corporate compliance within local sites (even in remote and smaller locations).

Our regional management structure, which is responsible for field delivery, is supported by our Control Center, which centralizes the assimilation and auditing of corporate compliance throughout the accounts. This way, our clients have a single point of contact for compliance within the Control Center – who will cascade their requirements to the field and report back up.