Critical environments, such as labs, data centers, communication hubs and others, often constitute the core assets of our clients’ business which help keeping them at the cutting-edge in their respective markets. The performance of these environments from an up-time perspective, efficiency, sustainability, resilience and recovery is the top and bottom line of FM results.

Ramot placed great emphasis in the past decade, on learning, understanding and integrating with its clients’ critical environments. We consider this acquired ability as a major value-added element in providing our customers with a best practice integrated support to their business. We’ve managed to achieve top of the line results in performance indicators due to a collaborative integration with the critical environment owners, becoming their true partners for performance along the way.

Our critical environments services include:

  • Condition Control: Temperature and humidity systems and controls maintenance, auditing, tracking and sustainability

  • Power Management: Power Supply sustainability, UPS maintenance and control, redundancy management

  • EHS & Compliance: ISO certifications – we integrate with the ISO teams and deliver the workplace elements of the certification for ISO 14K, ISO 18K and ISO 50K - on top of the infrastructural EHS compliance management of the critical environment under local regulations, client regulation and Ramot’s best practices

  • Additional Services:

    • Critical Environment Audits

    • Combined On-Site and Remote management